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Ron Snee is committed to providing you the best possible consulting, training and mentoring services.  Our goal is to help you and your organization be successful. 

Knowledge and Experience:

One of the nation's leading experts in Six Sigma, and co-author of four Six Sigma books, Ron Snee is a highly-respected, well-known authority on designing and implementing improvement and cost reduction solutions for a variety of organizational environments, most notably life sciences firms.  With over 25 years' experience in process improvement, strategic planning, quality, management, training system design and delivery and statistics, Ron Snee is an internationally recognized leader in innovative process improvement solutions.

Ron Snee's work has resulted in more than 26 deployments of process improvement initiatives using Lean Six Sigma and other improvement methodologies.

Snee's clients include: Schering-Plough, Novartis, Kraft Foods, FMC BioPolymer, Greene Tweed, W.R. Grace, USA TODAY, Reliable Insurance, MCI, Xerox Business Systems.

Ron was Principal ,Tunnell Consulting; Vice President, Process Assurance, Bell Atlantic; Vice President, Consulting Services, Joiner Associates and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader with Sigma Breakthrough Technologies.


Ron Snee, co-author of three Lean Six Sigma books:

Six Sigma Beyond the Factory Floor

Leading Six Sigma

Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Processes


Ph.D., M.S., Applied and Mathematical Statistics, Rutgers University
B.S., Mathematics, Washington and Jefferson College 

Our Associates Have a Wide Range of Capability

Snee Associates represent a diversity of expertise and experience including Process Improvement, Operational Excellence, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Strategic Planning, Safety, Communication, Service Assessment and Design, Strategy of Experimentation and Formulation Development, Design of Experiments, Statistical Studies and many more.  All are seasoned professionals who have worked with Dr. Snee over the years and have extensive management experience as well as technical skills. 

Comments From Our Clients and Colleagues

Principal and Lean Six Sigma Initiative Leader

"Ron Snee understands business improvement.  He is an expert in Six Sigma and Process Management.  Ron Snee's approach to improvement is simple, straightforward, strategic, data based and backed by many years of relevant career experience; and it works!  Snee is a Ph.D. who is also humble and down to earth, giving him the ability to interact with all levels of employees and management.  I highly recommend Ron Snee as a consulting partner to help guide the improvement of your organization."  February 4, 2009 Ed Gardner, Global Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader, Greene Tweed and Company, hired Ronald D. Snee as a Business Consultant in 2005. 

Providing Guidance to Senior Executives

"Ron Snee is one of a small number of statistics professionals who have been consistently successful in their interactions with executive level people.  He has been able to advise and influence senior managers to help them see how to apply statistical thinking in their organizations, and in helping them also see the benefits of statistical thinking for profitability and growth of their organizations.  Dr. Snee has also written two excellent books on the subject of Six Sigma which stand head and shoulders above most offerings on the subject." September 26, 2006 William Parr, Professor of Statistics, University of Tennessee, was with a public company when working with Ronald D. Snee 

Lean Six Sigma Workshop Leader

"Attending IQPC's 4th Lean/6 Sigma Conference for Biotech organizations, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on leading Lean/6 Sigma conducted by Ron Snee.  It was an excellent learning experience and getting a copy of his latest book was a real plus.  Snee is great at providing examples, helping coach effective ways of dealing with implementation or acceleration issues, and identifying helpful resources.  He is a wealth of information.  If you are SERIOUS about Lean/6Sigma deployment, check in with Ron." Jerry Linnis, Sr. Manager - Operational Excellence, Genentech was with another company when working with Ronald D. Snee 

Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader

"I worked closely with Ron Snee beginning in 1998 at various clients in the deployment of the lean six sigma methods as well as developing and co-instructing one of the first Master Black Belt offerings.  Ron is an extremely knowledgeable individual who knows how to implement improvements with a focus on the long-term impact to a business.  I enjoyed working with Ron and would recommend him to anyone searching for a high-impact individual."  December 30, 2008.
Eric Edwin, VP, Technology and Development, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies (SBTI) worked directly with Ronald Snee at SBTI 

Call Center Improvement at Bell Atlantic

"Ron Snee worked closely with the Consumer Team in understanding our results.  Dr. Snee's background and experience in processes and pilot program design proved invaluable.  His involvement spurred us to a new and more effective direction in interpreting the data, allowing us to feel confident in our conclusions.
Despite what I know has been an extremely busy period for Ron with his many responsibilities, he has been extremely helpful and supportive, providing insights and coaching.
Please know that we have appreciated Ron Snee's contributions to date, and we look forward to his offer to guide us during the upcoming communications trial and the initial stages of the 24x7 implementation." Frederick D. D'Alessio, President Consumer to Christine Killorin, VP, Quality, Bell Atlantic, November 17 1997